Delivering the spirit of Christmas to military families
– one Christmas Tree at a time.
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"Thank you for kindness. I look forward to celebrating this holiday season with my son, and will think of our troops, and offer up a prayer of gratitude each time I look at our tree. Merry Christmas and God Bless you."
- Cheryl

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful gift we receive every year through this amazing program. We are extremely grateful to have a beautiful Christmas tree to place presents under. Thank you for all the love, support, and donations to every and all forms of military personnel."
- Ally

"We thank you all for your kindness and generosity. The tree we picked out is PERFECT for our home and we love it very much."
- Don, Tami and Donald

"On behalf of my family & myself we would like to say thank you for our tree. It is a tradition in our family to have a real tree. We received our tree prior to my husband returning from Iraq. We have a few special ornaments we always hang as a family & were so thankful to have him return prior to Christmas to be able to hang on our tree. Thank you again for supporting not only our family but all military families."
- Autenrieth Family

"I am deployed to Joint Base Balad, Iraq and I would like to give you all a Big Thank you for this Christmas tree that we got from you. Please let everyone in your areas know that I appreciate the tree and am ever grateful for what you have done to make my Christmas season better. I will never forget this and just want everyone to know that. May God bless you and your families."
- TSgt Kemp

"I'm from the USO on Joint Base Balad in Iraq. Every person who has seen the tree has been pleasantly surprised and exclaimed, "How'd they even get this over here?" It means a lot out here to see some normal Christmas-time cheer. We couldn't have done it without your help. We want to thank you for your generosity to provide these trees. We're lucky to get it, because many troops come through, and they're from all over the Theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's always a nice surprise for them."
- Erin

"We just wanted to express a heartfelt thank you to those who selflessly gave of their time and money to make this tree possible for our family. It brings a glimpse of joy in the absence of our Hero, father, husband & friend. As well as a tear to our eyes because of the generosity of someone unknown to us who is willing to give for the joy of another."
- Adee & The Boys

"Thank you so much for providing such a kind and thoughtful gift for military families. Your giving has helped us bring a beautiful part of the Christmas spirit into our home. Thank you again!"
- Jason & Liz

"My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan and I knew that the holidays were going to be especially hard on me and my two children. All of our Christmas things including our tree are in storage, so I thought we weren't going to be able to have a tree or any decorations this year. When I found out about trees for troops I couldn't have been more excited because now our holiday will be just a little bit brighter because your generosity."
- Sara

"Thank you so much for your generosity! We did not expect this wonderful gift. Thank you to all that donate to this foundation! We are very pleased with the tree! Our five kids enjoyed decorating the tree! It is a great addition to our front living this time of year! We cannot express how much this helped us out! Thank you so much again!!!"
- Dudley Family

"Thank you for the beautiful tree! It makes me smile every time I walk by it. It is so nice to know that there are good people out there that care!”
- Heidi

"We loved our tree we received this year! It was a great experience and really made getting our tree very special. We appreciate the donation and having truly made our Christmas memorable. Thank you for your generosity."
- Carlsson Family

"We would like to express our gratitude for the Christmas trees provided to us from "Trees for Troops." Your generosity was greatly appreciated and spread holiday cheer amongst the Soldiers and their families during this past Holiday Season. Thank you again!"
- The 368th Seaport Operations Company

"We are so grateful!!! And blessed Because of the Christmas tree we were given, we were able to have a Christmas for our kids. This was the first year having a Christmas without having family nearby. Thanks to you and our family and friends back in California it was good."
- Allen Family

"We got our tree from Ft. Story and could not have been happier with it! It was a beautiful tree even before we got it decorated. It was so nice to be able to have a tree in our home for Christmas this year. We are so appreciative to those who donated the trees and made the program possible. It really helped to make our holiday season bright!"
- Ben and Sandra

"Thank you for truly living up to the meaning of Christmas. You've given more then you'll know; especially hope! May you continue blessing others with your kind generosity."
- Irene & Eric

"I wanted to thank each and every one of you for donating these wonderful trees to us. I got it home and when I cut it loose it popped open and was absolutely beautiful. I appreciate what you all do, and thank you so much for remembering us. It's an amazing feeling when you come home and have this much support. Thank you for making our Christmas magical."
- Kevin

"Thank you for the tree - it looks and smells wonderful in my house. It is my baby's first Christmas this year and she loves to look at the tree all decorated and flashing. I couldn't have asked for a better tree. Thank you again!"
- Ms. Fury

"This is our first year to have a live tree. We received the tree when I was 38 weeks pregnant and our baby girl arrived shortly after. We feel so blessed to share this amazingly beautiful tree with her on her first Christmas. Thank you so much for thinking of us during this holiday season. This was such a wonderful gesture of your support for our troops and we are most grateful!"
- Friend Family

"We are really grateful to have been given a Christmas Tree this year from Trees For Troops. It is so nice to see so many supporting the military. It really means more to us because it was given by those who have a kind heart and realize the sacrifice made by the military. Thanks so much for this wonderful cause!"
- Noel Family

"Thanks to everyone who worked to make Trees For Troops a success again this year. The families of the 52nd Ordnance Group/Brigade at Fort Campbell sincerely appreciate the generosity of all who contributed financially and by dedicating their time and effort to this program."
- Suzanna

"Thank you for all the generosity from your organization, all the wonderful tree farmers, and the kind people who support your organization. Thank you and Merry Christmas!"
- Debelius Family
2015 Tree Donors
Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, money, resources and support to the 2015 Trees for Troops program. The following list of Christmas Tree farms and retail lots who donated Real Trees to the program was provided to us by each state.  Please let us know of any errors by contacting us at 800/965-1653 or

Note: Contributors have been listed according to the state/regional association through which they donated trees, regardless of state of residence.

*Those listings marked with an asterisk represent Trees for Troops Weekend (Trailer Drop) Locations. On Trees for Troops Weekend, Dec. 4-6, 2015, 40 retail lots, Choose & Cut farms and garden centers participated in the T4T Weekend Program. Leading up to and during this weekend, consumers could visit these locations and purchase a tree to be donated to the program. For each tree purchased at these locations, $5 was donated to the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, as well as the initial participation fee.

Anthony's Christmas Trees & Wreaths, Anthony Dal Bello
*Battaglia Ranch Christmas Trees, Paul Battaglia
Bourdet Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Ranch Tree Farm, Don & Marilyn Cameron
Hilmar, Sam & Janet Minturn
Snowy Peaks Christmas Tree Farm, Jim & Ginger Armstrong
Twain Harte Tree Farm, Don & Peggy Moore

*Severt's Tree Farm, Mike & Kathy Severt

*Big John's, Jimmy Livaditis
Berry Christmas Tree Farm
Brown Christmas Tree Farm
Evergreen Tree Farm
Homestead Christmas Tree Farm
Minter's Farm
Orchard Hill
Spring Brook
We Three Trees
Worthington Trees
Yule Forest

Alfeldt Brothers Farm LLC, Greg, Jim & Karen Alfeldt
Daniken Tree Farm, David Daniken
Richardson Tree Farm, George & Wendy Richardson

Dull's Tree Farm, Tom & Kerry Dull

4 C Tree Farm, Willie & Mary Goevert
Bel Tree Farm, Jerry & Marlene Eck
Country Christmas Trees, Eldon Clawson & Marlene Ewing
Delp Christmas Tree Farm, Tony & Linda Delp
Kasl Christmas Tree Farm, Mike Kasl
Memory Lane Christmas Tree Farm, Harry & Juanita Peckham
Prairie Pines, Bob & Patsy Scott
Strawberry Hill Christmas Tree Farm, Eric & Lyn Walthers
Windy Knoll Tree Farm, Bob & Susan Grelinger

*Mahoney's Garden Center, Peter Mahoney

Bill's Marine Service
Dave Snow
Dr. Rick Jenkins
Halian & Associates Landscapes
*Homestead Gardens
John Forman
Woodlake Tree Farm, Taylor M. Sines Jr.

Piper Mountain Christmas Trees, Jim Corliss

Antioch Tree Farm
Armintrout Nursery
Badger Evergreen Nursery
Dutchman Tree Farms, Justin Bartlett
*English Gardens, Jennifer Youngquest
Farnworth Tree Farm
Janke Tree Farm
Korson’s Tree Farms
Mathisen Tree Farms
Needlefast Evergreens
*Peacock Road Tree Farm, LLC., Ed & Diana Carpenter
Wahmhoff Tree Farms, Dan & Ken Wahmhoff

Meert Tree Farms, Domien Meert
Meier's Horse Shoe Pines, Steve & Teresa Meier

Chub Lake Tree Farm, Jim & Bev Whorton
Covered Bridge Farm, Pete & Mary Larsen
Crow River Nursery Paul & Tamara Saunders
Cupkie Christmas Village, Lynn Cupkie
Eddie's Evergreens
Goldenman Tree Farm, Ernie & Mardelle Goldenman
Happy Land Tree Farm, Ken Olsen
Hilltop Tree Farm
Northern Connections Wreath Co.
Northland Scents Wreaths, Doug Hoffbauer
Olive's Trees, Art & Pat Olive
Petersen's Tree Farm, Jack & Jan Petersen
Pinestead Tree Farm Phil & Helen Hartley
PQT, Premium Quality Trees
Revak Nursery & Trees, Dale & Donna Revak
T.E.C. Trees, Carl Vogt
Vichorek Enterprise
Wolcyn Tree Farm, Tom & Adie Wolcyn

Aldag Tree Farm, Terry & Stacey Aldag
Clover B Tree Farm, Scott & Ann Burcham
Katalari Farms, Lawerence & Kathy Mostek
Nielsen Tree Farms, Dan Nielsen
Pinecrest Tree Farm, Gary & Cherri Trump
Prairie Woods, Les & Judi Korte
Paul & Patricia Aaron
Santa's Woods
Spilker's Pineridge Tree Farm, Don & Linda Spilker
The Pine Patch, Dave Glass
Windmill Pines Tree Farm, Stan & Elizabeth Obermiller
Yonkey Pines, Art & Betty Yonkey

AB Day
Alexandra Fontana
Arthur Champine
Bakersfield Tree Farm, Gary Foote
Balsam Acres, Tom Lang
Barbara Gibson
Beloin Tree Farm, Daniel & Chandra Beloin
Bishops Tree Farm, Chris Bishop
Bob White
Breezy Hill Acres, Carl Szych
Christine Eaton
Christmas Trees of Vermont, Peter Mollica
David Ng
Douglas Cumming
Finnegan's Fine Firs, Myles Finnegan
Garnet Hill Staff
Hope Larson & Hope Hillyer
Janet Elsea
Joan Stewart
John & Jane Whelihan
John Huergo
Judi Williams
Julia Howe
Kevin Travis
Kristin Finney-Cooke
Lourinda Bray
Meadow Ridge Farm, Patrick White
Michael Bulling
Mountain Star Farms, Mike Garvan
Mt Anthony Tree Farms, Jim Horst
Murray Hill Farm, Bob Murray
Nichols Tree Farm, Bill & Srimalai Nichols
Paine's Christmas Trees, Tom Paine
Paxton Greens, Russ Reay
Pleasant Valley Tree farm, Barry Horst
Redrock Farm, Rich & Stephanie Rockwood
Ruggles Tree Company
Sara Stewart
Shane Keady
Sibgo Tree Company, Michael & Lisa Godzyk
Taylor Tree Farms, Jeff & Sue Taylor
The Rocks Christmas Trees Farm, Nigel Manley
Victor Han
Walker Farms, Jack & Karen Manix
Weir Tree Farm, Jay & Christie Weir
Werner's Tree Farm, Dave Werner
Woodland Services, Milan Miller

*The Fir Farm, Bobby Clark
*Metropolitan Plant & Flower Exchange, Diana Warne
*Strawberry Blossom, Dave Becker
Triple Creek Farm and Nursery
Woodsedge Tree Farm, Tim & Mim Dunne
*Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm, John C. Wyckoff

Adams Fairacre Farms, Mark Wheeler
Alexander's Tree Farm, Frank & Rosemary Alexander
All Western Trees, Katherine Humphrey
Almeter Tree Farm, Doug Almeter
Aman's Nursery, Steve Aman
Applegate Tree Farm, Philip White
Bailey Family Christmas Trees, Allen Bailey
Balsam Acres Tree Farm, Bruce Wilbert
Bauman's Farm Market, James Bauman
Beckwith Christmas Tree Station, Faye & Jack Beckwith
Bell's Christmas Trees, Gordon Bell
Bilmar Nurseries Inc., Bryant Rawls & Scott Chase
BJ Christmas Trees
Bob's Trees, David Eaton
Brickle's Tree Farm, Tom Brickle
Buttonwood Farms, William Mourey
Chuck Hafner Farms, Chuck Hafner
Country Pine Tree Farm
Critz Farms, Matt & Juanita Critz
Darling's Tree Farm, Dick & Mary Ellen Darling
Darling's Tree Farm, Milferd Darling
Domes Tree Farm, Bill & Kate Domes
Dun Roamin’ Tree Farm LLC/Ed Buschmann
E A Buschmann Inc
Ellms' Christmas Trees, Chip & Sally Ellms
Empire Evergreens, David Weil
Evergreen Acres, Richard Phillips
Fabulous Firs, Scott Case
Farm Side Acres, Leslie & Bob Nannini
Finnerty Hill Tree Farm, Wendy Kaplanoff
Fox Run Enterprises, Fred Covell
Franke's Nursery, Kendra Franke
FW Battenfeld & Son, Fred Battenfeld
Goderie's Tree Farm, The Goderie Family
Goode Trees, David Stack
Grace Farm, John Fowler
Hahn's Tree Farm, Tom & Karen Hahn
Hardenburgh Farm, Randy Marz
Henderberg's Trees, Gary Henderberg
Herba's Acres Tree Farm, Thomas Herba
Hidden Springs Tree Farm, Keith Krouse
Hills Tree Farm, Harold Hill
Holland Hill, Thomas Holland
Hurd Family Farms
Jack's Christmas Trees, John Williams
Joe Licata Trees, Joe Licata
John Blasz Tree Farm, John Blasz
Kent Farms Inc, Tom Kent
Keymel's Christmas Trees, Roger & Jessie Keymel
Lundin's Tree Farm, George Lundin
Manza Family Farm, Thomas Manza
Maplehorst Farm Nursery, John Rapp
*MartinViette Nurseries, Donna Moramarco
McDonough's Tree Farm, John McDonough
Meadowland Farms, TJ Baright
Merrell Tree Farm, Kristina Schafer
Molyneaux Plantation & Tree Farm, Richard Molyneaux
Moore Tree Farm LLC, Richard & Kay Moore
Mountain Ash Tree Farm, Horst Nienaber
Neuberts Trees, Joe Neubert
Nitsche Tree Farm, Ernie Nitsche
Ontario Orchards, Dennis Ouellette
Page's Christmas Trees, Randy Page
Pine Valley Farms, Susan Slovak
Pine View Farm, Bill Steidle
Pine Wood Road Christmas Tree Farm, Roy Wilson
Plainsview Farm, Glen Wade
Plainsview Farm, Glenn Wade
Pleasant Valley Tree Farm
Primrose Hill Farm Plantation, The Schoch Family
Riverbend Tree Farm, Bruce Carpenter
Roberts Family Tree Farm, Will Roberts
Romagnoli's Oneida Valley Acres, Dewey Romagnoli
Sherwood's Nursery & Tree Farm, John Sherwood
Shetler Farms, Donald Shetler
Shuster's Tree Farm, Richard Shuster
Sonricker Tree Farm, William Rudolph
Springside Farm, Ed & Paulie Drexler
Spruce Hill Farm, Glenn & Nancy Olsen
Stephen's Tree Farm, Andy Murphy
Stokoe Farm Trees, Suzanne Stokoe
Sunny Hill Tree Farm, Michael & Tresa Kodey
Sunnyside Garden Nursery, Ned Chapman
Three B Tree Nursery, Robert & Cathy Jo Brown
Weathered Willow Tree Farm, Earl MacIntosh
Wilbert's Tree Farm, The Wilbert Family
Windy Meadow Tree Farm, Curt & Karen Conklin
Woody Acres, David Woodward

Avery County Cooperative Extension, NC CES Staff
Bottomley Evergreens, Mitchell Bottomley
Bruner Sides Nursery, Linda & Bruner Sides
C&G Nursery and Christmas Corner Choose & Cut, Doug Clark
Cardinal Tree Farm, LLC, Mitchell Poe
Carolina Fraser Fir Co. LLC, Mike & Cherie Shatley
Cartner Christmas Tree Farm, David Cartner
Christine Bredenkamp
Cline Church Nursery, Cline, Ellen, Alex & Amber Church
Cornett Carolina Trees, Dale Cornett
Cornett Deal Christmas Tree Farm, Diane Deal
G&S Trees, Cale Smith
G&S Trees, Matthew Horney
Happy Holiday Christmas Trees, Conrad Steinhart
Harrell Hill Farms, Doug Harrell
Joseph & Helen Butler
JW Evergreens, John Woodie
Kathy Shore Nursery, Kathy Shore
Laurel Springs Nursery, LLC, Patricia Gaskin
Lee's Trees, Lee Eldreth
Licklog Farms, Jerry Moody
Lil' Grandfather Christmas Tree Farm, Buddy & Della Deal
Merlyn Farms, Lynn Smith
Mountain Top Fraser Fir, Larry Smith
NCCES - Mitchell, Jeff Vance
Peak Farms, Beau & Russell Estes
Ryan Holquist Tree Farm, Ryan Holquist
Season's Circle, Michael Liable
Shatley Farms, LLC, Daniel Shatley
Smokey Holler Tree Farm LLC, Earl & Betsy Deal
Snow Creek Christmas Trees , John Wilson
Tracy Taylor & Staff, NCDA & CS Upper Mountain Research Station
Valerie Harrison
Windy Gap Tree Farm, Charles Fowler
Wishon Evergreens, Johnny Wishon
Wolf Creek Tree Farm, Tommy & Joan Beutell, Barry & Renee Campbell
Yates Christmas Tree Farms, Harry Yates

*Grandma's Gardens, Vicki Meeks
*Medina Christmas Tree Farms, Charles "Doc" Reichheld
*Sugargrove Tree Farm, Blake Rafeld
*The Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm, Duke Wheeler

Boy Scout Troop #605
Noble Mountain Tree Farm, Bob Schaefer
McDonald Tree Farms, Levi McDonald
Wood Mountain Christmas Trees, Randy Wood

Abraczinskas Nursery Inc., MaryAnne Abraczinska
*Bustard's Christmas Trees, Jay & Glenn Bustard
Becktree Farms, Leo Beck
Beisel's Christmas Tree Hill, William Beisel
Crystal Spring Tree Farm, Chris Botek
Danilowicz Nursery
Ecology III
E-Mar Acres Tree Farm, Ron Mancabelli
Fleming's Christmas Tree Farm LLC, JD Fleming
Foothill Farm, Peter Salerno
*Geissler Tree Farms Inc., Rickey Geissler
Heritage Acres Farm
Hill's Tree Farm, Jeff & Steve Hill
Jay Maholick
Jerry Wanzie
Jim Hermanski
*Kenny's Trees, Paul Kenny
Kevin Bissinger Farms
Lehigh Gorge Nursery, Burce & Evan Gregory
Lenhartt's Tree Farm, Todd Lenhart
McConnell's Nursery, Jen Shorts
McCurdy's Tree Farm, Mark McCurdy
*Strathmeyer Christmas Trees, Gerrit Strathmeyer
Walker's Tree Farm, Marion L. Walker, Jr.
*Yenser's Tree Farm, Dan & Drew Yenser

Booth’s Christmas Tree Farm, Haley, Loretta and Lauren Booth
Christmas Hill Tree Farm, John Wagner
Gurley's Christmas Tree Farm, Doug & Aaron Gurley
Hilltop Christmas Trees, Dr. George Kessler
Hollow Creek Tree Farm, Mike & Lisa McCartha
Jim Smith's Christmas Trees, Jim & Elaine Smith
Merry Christmas Tree Farm, Stephen Steed
Mystic Farm, Chip & Susan Fink
Penland Christmas Tree Farm, Steve & Judy Penland
Price’s Tree Farm, Bryan & Leah Price
Sorrell’s Christmas Tree Farm, Tracy & Sherry Sorrells
St. Nick’s Christmas Tree Farm, Sherman & Gloria Lott
Tom Sawyer’s Christmas Tree Farm, Tom & Debbie Sawyer
Wright’s Christmas Tree Farm, Stuart & Judy Smith

Christmas Traditions, Shawn Lane

Blevins Christmas Tree Farm, Eddie & Ann Blevin
Joe's Tree Farm, Sue & Jamie Bostic
Lonesome Pine Tree Farm, Rob & Zelda Richardson
*McDonald Garden Center, Jake Van Dyke
Mt. Rogers Tree Farm, Rodney Richardson
New River Tree Co.
Popular Grove Tree Farm
Rifton Farms and Nursery, Robert and Jane O'Keeffe
Rosser Family Christmas Tree Farm, John & Marty Rosser
Slaughter's Tree Farms, Lonnie and Joyce Slaughter
Sexton Tree Farms
Snowflake Mt. Tree Farm, Jack & Carla Davis
Willow Springs Tree Farms, Greg and Deb Miller
Wolverton Mt. Trees, Jay, Joan & Julie

KLM Tree Farm, Mark & Luanne Steelhammer
La Center Farms, Steve & Lissa Boynton
Mistletoe Tree Farm, Pat & Melissa Murphy
Snowshoe Evergreen, Ken & JoAnn Scholz
Windy Knoll Tree Farm, Ron & Dorothy Palmer

Barber Creek Farm, Henry & Judith Simon
Central WI Evergreens Inc, Fred Latzig Jr.
Choose & Cut Fraser Firs, Doug Dose
Comstock Trees & Service, Wade Comstock
Cooks' Woods, Dave & Barb Cook
Edwardson Christmas Trees, Newman Edwardson
Hanauer's Tree Farms, Dan Hanauer Jr
Hann's Christmas Farm, Greg Hann
John's Evergreens, John Veraghen
Kopp Forest Products, Tim Kopp
M & M Trees, James Matthes
Nelson Family Tree Farms, Gary Nelson
Newby's Evergreen Farms, Charles R Newby
North Countree Christmas Inc, Paul Schroeder & John Grutza
Northern Family Farms, John & Ginger; Ashley; Derek Ahl
Pleasant Valley Tree Farms, Dan Scharlau
Riehle's Tree Farm Inc, John Riehle
Riverside Christmas Trees, Alan & Vonda Motl
Rocky Ridge Tree Farm, LLC, John Jepson, Kirk Morrow
Rolling Hills, Jon Bigler
Rosenthal Trees, Bonnie Rosenthal
*Schroeder's Forevergreens, Sue & Tom Schroeder
Silent Night Evergreens, James & Diane Chapman
Skyline Tree Farm, David Propst
Stake Tree Farm, LLC, Frances Stake
The Paint Farm, Robert & Donna Mountford
Tillmann Trees, Ron Tillmann
Trees By Wallace, Kenneth Wallace
Wellens Tree Farm, Steve & Ann Wellens
Whispering Pines Tree Farm, Dave Vander Velden
Wilson Christmas Tree Co, David Wilson
Wojcik's Christmas Tree Farm, Richard & Dave Wojcik

As of March 1, 2016